SICK: Mom OUTRAGED at How School Punished Daughter Who Refused Common Core Exam

Mom OUTRAGED at How School Punished Daughter Who Refused Common Core Exam

USA Liberty News has written at length about the inherent dangers posed to our society by a nationalized education system using biased standards and curricula to indoctrinate students into a particular way of thinking, a la Common Core.

Though defenders of Common Core used to be quick to point out that the curriculum and tests derived from the standards were “optional” and voluntary, that lie has been repeatedly exposed and debunked.

Case in point: a June 2016 story out of the Orlando Sentinel in which the mother of athird-gradee student who opted out of Florida’s end-of-year standardized testing has found that her daughter was being punished for not taking the “optional” assessment.

For not taking that test, Rhonda Nickerson’s  daughter will now be retained by the district and forced to repeat the third grade, despite making straight A’s throughout the school year.

“There’s no reason for a third-grader with straight A’s to be retained,” declared Nickerson, whose 9-year-old daughter could be prevented from advancing to the fourth grade at a Seminole County elementary school. “What are they going to do with her in third grade again?”

School officials in central Florida maintained that they were only following a vague state law that seemingly requires some sort of participation in the standardized testing.

And unfortunately, common sense didn’t prevail over Common Core, at least last we heard. As of October of 2016, Nickerson’s daughter was still retained back in the third grade, according to the Opt Out Florida Network.

Sadly, this is likely not an isolated incident. We expect that we’ll hear more stories of a frighteningly similar nature, as totalitarian leftists and their allied bureaucrats don’t like it when the uppity citizens fall out of line and become civilly disobedient to their oh-so-wise and benevolent betters in academia.

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