SICK Man Assaults Tot Before Angry Mama Intervenes

SICK Man Assaults Tot Before Angry Mama Intervenes

A mother was at a Kansas City, Missouri, playground when she noticed a man watching her child. What the man did next triggered the mother’s protective instincts, and the man quickly learned not to mess with the love a mother has for her child. Nothing was going to stop this woman from protecting her daughter from a deranged man.

According to KCTV, the incident happened Friday when the mother, Christa Moore, noticed a man “eyeballing” her children at Kemp playground. She watched as her 2-year-old daughter was on a swing when the suspicious man walked up behind her little one, snatched the girl off the swing and pulled down her diaper.

Then she saw the man lift his own shirt, take his pants down and begin thrusting against her bare-bottomed little girl. That’s when Moore’s “mama grizzly” instincts took over.

According to KCTV, Moore stated that she “wanted to hurt him,” and that is what caused her to run at the man, who fell. She got on top of him and began punching him until he finally ran off. “I wanted to put him in pain,” Moore added.

Moore stated that she recognized the man from seeing him at the park before, but that he had never bothered her family until last week.

“I don’t get how any man or any adult could want to hurt a child like that,” Moore said.

After the man ran off, Moore had someone call the police. A family friend who was with her at the time, Devan Barnes, told reporters that he chased the man into a fenced-in parking lot and kept him there until the police arrived.

“If cops didn’t show up, I was going in,” Barnes said.

Thankfully, the suspect was arrested and found with marijuana on him, along with an unidentified vial of fluid that reportedly had a chemical odor. Moore was able to identify the man from a police photo.

The suspect has now been identified as 24-year-old William L. Bates Jr. H was charged with first-degree attempted sodomy and attempted statutory sodomy with a person less than 12 years old. Bates told police that he received a cigarette from someone near the park but does not remember anything about the incident.

Bates’ bond is set at $150,000, cash only.

This is absolutely sickening. How a person could even think about harming a child in this way is unconscionable. If drugs were involved, this is another argument for keeping clean and staying away from mind-altering substances.

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