SICK: Amazon to Begin New Pornographer Project… What Your Family Needs to Know

Amazon to Begin New Pornographer Project What Your Family Needs to Know

Amazon has just released the trailer for its new documentary series, “Hugh Hefner: An American Playboy,” and announced it hopes to tell the story of a “remarkable” man and his “contributions to modern American history.”

There is just one problem: Hugh Hefner is one of the individuals most responsible for the degradation of the American mind in the 20th century and the cheapening of our society today.

It is really bold of Amazon to do a series on Hugh Hefner when he and his Playboy image brought more pornography to American households than ever before. His lifestyle glamorized not just sex before marriage, but literal prostitution itself. Pornography boomed because of his “contributions,” along with premarital sex, fatherless children and a general breakdown of social mores.

To be honest, it was one of the stepping stones that led our society to where it is now.

Sometimes, we have to change with the times, that is understandable. But what Hefner and his pornography industry did was teach the American people unrealistic expectations about women’s bodies, “normalize” promiscuity and help do away with the traditional privacy and love between man and wife.

There is so much to be said about the problems Hefner introduced into modern society — and none of it should be celebrated, or considered fodder for entertainment.

We are not the only ones who feel this way. In fact, “Movie Guide, The Family Guide to Movies and Television,” has created a petition to stop Amazon from celebrating this man’s despicable additions to our society.

The petition comments as follows:

“Yes, Mr. Hefner has contributed to American history, but those contributions are corrupt and vile. Let’s remember that he single-handedly led the so-called sexual revolution, which normalized cohabitation and the ‘hook up culture’ that we now endure. His publishing opened the doors for the pornography epidemic that we are suffering from today when everyone from 12 year-old-boys to grown men are addicted. And, he even sponsored the lower-court cases that led to Roe v. Wade, which kills millions upon millions of children each year. Yes, Mr. Hefner has a legacy, but not one we want served up as entertainment!”

You can sign the petition here to urge Amazon to withdraw the series.

When is the last time Amazon did a series on Jesus, George Washington or Adam Smith? Those are figures who made true contributions worth celebrating. Hugh Hefner should not be an American role model.

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