SICK: Actual Children’s Book Depicts Adult Sex in Bizarre, FREAKY Cartoons

Actual Childrens Book Depicts Adult Sex in Bizarre FREAKY Cartoons

When I was a kid, I always used to love going to our pediatrician, mostly because of the waiting room. In addition to having an Atari Lynx (the criminally underrated competitor to Nintendo’s Game Boy), the waiting room also had a wide variety of books, from Seuss classics to Peanuts compendiums.

This was a simpler time, so I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a copy of “Mummy Laid an Egg.” Unfortunately for Katherine Peck, a U.K. mother, her doctor’s office did — and it left her with some very awkward questions.

What is “Mummy Laid an Egg?” Well, as Peck describes it, it’s a “(n)o holds barred” take on sex education for very young children, including crudely drawn diagrams of sexual positions and male “seed pods.” And her 8-year-old got quite an eyeful from it.

“Well!!! That doctor’s surgery visit took a surprising twist!” Peck wrote in a March 8 Facebook entry. “Adem picked up this innocent enough looking book ‘Mummy Laid an Egg!’ (Haha, aren’t us mummies clever!!)

“All began routinely enough, with ‘sugar and spice and all things nice’ and such, but I was ill prepared for the most sudden U-Turn on Page 6, where we’re introduced to Daddy’s friendly looking ‘seed pods’!” she continued. “No holds barred on Pages 8 and 9 either, where apparently ‘this fits in here…’ (sounds easy enough) and then what can only be described as a child-friendly Kama Sutra guide ensues on Page 10! Aerial acrobatics, fetish clown outfits and space hoppers (fun times!)

“To say Ayla (8) showed a sudden interest in the ‘silly baby book’, is an understatement,” Peck concluded. “Cue the 4 billion questions I hadn’t planned answering today.”

Viewer discretion is advised on some of the following photos. (We never thought we’d say that about a “children’s book,” but some are surprisingly graphic.)

As you can see, it doesn’t start off so bad:

Things then take a turn:


Ah yes, “seed pods.” That has nothing on the “Fifty Shades of Crayon” that was about to be unleashed:


At a doctor’s office, too! Nice work!

The ultimate irony is that Independent Journal reports Peck is a sex education teacher, yet even she wasn’t prepared for this.

So, if you see this book at your doctor’s office and you have your kid with you, put it out of sight, fast.

Trust me, it’s for the best.

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