Shocking: Trump Just Caught CNN In Biggest Media Scandal In Us History! You Would Not Believe This!


Trump caught CNN in act of inventing a news about him that is total lie!

They practically invented a story, invented a case that did not happened at all!!!

And remind you, this is a huge news network with hundreds of journalists and other staff and they did this act of false attack, this is insane!

According to Liberty Writers News:

” The liberal media has hit a disgusting new low today.


CNN has been struggling recently for obvious reasons, but to think that they could go as far as to completely fabricate a story about Trump meeting the Secret Service is sickening.

That’s right. CNN released an article earlier today claiming that Donald Trump was forced to meet with the Secret Service following his comments on 2nd Amendment voters stopping Hillary.

However, within less than an hour Trump posted this statement on Twitter humiliating the crumbling liberal news network.

Isn’t that incredible? Even though CNN is a Hillary Clinton mouthpiece, you would think they would at least have the sense to research their story first.


Now they have ruined the remaining threads of credibility they were holding on to. CNN is about as reliable a news source as The Onion at this point.

So you have two options at this point. You can trust a straight shooter like Donald Trump who knows what he did and did not say, or you can trust the liars over at CNN and their anonymous “Secret Service Official” who leaked the information to them. (H/T – Red State Watcher)

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This is why Trump hates some of the media. They are a real bustards!

And everybody knows that!

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