SHOCK: Ted Cruz Stuns Republicans With Unexpected Trump Announcement


After the “Access Hollywood” tape of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump came out Friday, one of the first Republicans that you would expect to drop Trump like a hot potato might have been Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

After all, the Texas senator waged one of the fiercest primary battles in recent memory against the billionaire real estate mogul for the Republican nomination this year. Also, Sen. Cruz is known as one of the most deeply religious members of the Senate, and Trump’s comments would have no doubt deeply offended him.

However, in a statement to a Texas television station Monday, Cruz stunned the political establishment by insisting that he was sticking with Donald Trump, calling Hillary Clinton an “absolute disaster.”

Cruz made the comments to local Muleshoe, Texas, news outlet Channel 6 (via Politico).

“I am supporting the Republican nominee because I think Hillary Clinton is an absolute disaster. Now my differences with Donald, I have articulated at great length during the campaign. And I tried (with) all my might,” Cruz said. “It was an amazing journey.”

“This is an election unlike any other, but I tell you Hillary Clinton I think is manifestly unfit to be president. The policies she’s advancing are the continuation of eight years of Barack Obama,” he added. “We need to have a president, we need to have leaders in Washington that will fight to defend our jobs, to get government off our back and to defend the Constitution and Bill of Rights and keep us safe.”

You can see his comments here:

Ted Cruz’s loyalty to Trump is maybe the most surprising thing to happen since the Pixies reunion, but at least it proves he has his priorities straight.

What Hillary Clinton has done is far worse than anything that Trump has said. She will be a disaster for America and its Constitution in every conceivable way.

That’s a lot worse than some foul comments tossed off on “Access Hollywood” over a decade ago.

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