SHOCK: The Stunning Measures Trump Team Had to Take to Protect Gorsuch

The Stunning Measures Trump Team Had to Take to Protect Gorsuch

President Donald Trump’s White House team reportedly went through painstaking measures to both keep his Supreme Court pick, Judge Neil Gorsuch, hidden from the liberal media’s prying eyes and also presumably protect him from maniacal liberals.

As reported by Bloomberg, the president wanted his final decision “to come out on his terms — in front of a live, prime-time television audience.” He essentially wanted it to be a surprise.

To that end, his team reportedly picked Gorsuch and his wife up from a neighbor’s home in Boulder, Colorado, after which they were ferried through “back roads” to the airport and then flown on a military jet to Joint Base Andrews, just outside of Washington.

From there, Gorsuch and his wife were housed in a friend’s home as opposed to a hotel so as to avoid drawing unwanted public attention.

Moreover, only Gorsuch was brought to D.C. His contender, federal appeals court Judge Thomas Hardiman, never even left Pennsylvania, though the media had reported otherwise.

“White House sources acknowledged Tuesday night they left the impression with reporters that he was coming to Washington,” CNN reported. “Hardiman appeared to play along.”

“The reality is that to the best of my knowledge he never left the state of Pennsylvania,” White House spokesman Sean Spicer said Tuesday night after the announcement. “He never was in D.C., nor did he ever leave the commonwealth.”

It was all a rouse — a clever one at that — designed to stir the sort of anxiety people experience when watching a reality show like “The Apprentice.” And it seemingly worked.

“I thought, with this president there was a decent chance that it would be somebody that we didn’t have any idea it was going to be — and tonight’s ‘Apprentice’-style delivery moment might have had an evening-gown competition and a swimsuit edition,” Sen. Ben Sasse told The Washington Post.

Well, it was not quite that fantastic. As noted by the Post, it was a relatively solemn and scripted affair wherein the president reportedly read faithfully from his teleprompter. Still, it was a surprise — and that was the point.

Like Rep. Lindsey Graham reportedly said, “They can keep a secret.”

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