SHOCK: Report Indicates CNN Chief Could Take Over Fox News


Fox News has been one of the few companies bucking the trend of the liberal media oligopoly — at least until now. New rumors have the Murdoch family hiring one of the media elite’s most liberal members to run the “fair and balanced” network.

A Monday piece in The Hollywood Reporter discussed the various implications of the Time Warner/AT&T mega-merger about to take place. It examined the various implications and falling dominoes, including who would replace outgoing Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes.

Two possibilities were brought up in the piece for Bewkes’ position: former News Corp COO Peter Chernin and current CNN chief Jeff Zucker.

“With Bewkes gone, his heir apparent, John Martin is likely to be out too, with the betting for the new Time Warner chief on Peter Chernin, the former News Corp COO who operates a small joint venture with AT&T, even though he has been out of big-company management for seven years,” Michael Wolff wrote.

“CNN’s Jeff Zucker who, having worked for GE when he ran NBC, might be considered a more logical bridge to AT&T and, if rebuffed, might likely be open to the Murdoch sons’ interest in having him come to run Fox News. (Such speculation has led people inside AT&T — having a moment of being blinded by the stars — to a suggestion of hiring former Fox chief Roger Ailes to run CNN and turning media as we know it inside out.)”

We’ve all seen just how Zucker has run CNN, which has regained the moniker “Clinton News Network” this year even more prominently than before. He’s recently been seen toting out every single Donald Trump accuser he can get his hands on (pun unintended) while ignoring Clinton’s litany of scandals.

We’ve even reported how Zucker forbade anyone at the network from reporting on Danney Williams, a young man who claims to be former President Bill Clinton’s illegitimate son.

Zucker getting the role at Fox News would likely mean the end for the network’s current style of reporting. In addition, it would be a major slap in the face to all of the loyal viewers who have given Fox News massive ratings for years now.

If Zucker takes over, conservatives would be left with almost no voice in mainstream media reporting.

No wonder Donald Trump has been thinking of starting his own news network. It seems that, unfortunately, one of the last holdouts might be about to join the liberal media establishment.

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