SHOCK: Michigan Cop Cut Over What He Carried to Tick Off Trump-Haters


Although President-elect Donald Trump’s election signified a victory in the battle against overbearing liberal political correctness, the broader war to fend off those encroaching on American culture and history is far from being over.

Take for example what just happened to an off-duty police officer in Michigan, who was seemingly cut from the force by his chief after pictures emerged of him flying a large Confederate flag on his truck while near an anti-Trump protest.

According to the Traverse City Record-Eagle, officer Michael Peters was suspended with pay pending an internal investigation by Traverse City Police Chief Jeff O’Brien.

Peters showed up Friday at a “Love Trumps Hate” rally in his truck, which flew both a U.S. flag and a Confederate flag. He parked near the anti-Trump protest and proceeded to drink a beer while watching the protesters, ultimately drawing their agitated attention due to the large flag.

“He is not working as a police officer,” stated O’Brien Sunday as he announced the suspension. “I do not condone his actions.”

O’Brien went on to note that Peters’ actions were viewed by some as intimidating and were not in line with the department’s mission, adding that an internal investigation would be conducted to see if Peters had violated any laws or the department’s code of conduct.

This is simply absurd, that a police officer can be suspended merely for flying a flag that isn’t illegal, while he is off-duty.

To be sure, there are those who view the Confederate flag as a symbol of hate and oppression, but there are just as many who view the flag as a positive symbol of heritage and history. Besides, there are far more important things that need to be addressed and debated.

It remained to be seen what would become of Peters’ job with the Traverse City police department, or even his career in law enforcement altogether, as being branded as a racist hater by the perpetually offended liberal left can sometimes be devastating to an accused individual’s life and financial well-being.

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  1. It’s America & he has the right to fly the confederate flag & not be brought up on charges unless he actually did something wrong, I don’t agree with the protesting/rioting of a democratic election & feel they should be brought up on charges