SHOCK: “King of Beers” Goes Anti-American With Disgraceful Super Bowl Ad

King of Beers Goes Anti-American With Disgraceful Super Bowl Ad

President Donald Trump’s executive order banning immigration from seven Middle Eastern countries for 90 days has sparked a wave of fury in liberals circles — mostly from people who haven’t bothered to read the order.

There have been many responses involving liberals tearing up and regaling us with accounts of refugees coming to America, and it appears that Budweiser, a subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch, has decided to get in on the action, Breitbart reported.

Budweiser released its Super Bowl ad ahead of time, and it is already causing some outcry. The ad, titled “Born the Hard Way,” featured the story of Busch, who was born in Germany, trying to make his way across America.

One of the first scenes in the ad was Busch landing in America and being told, “You’re not wanted here! Go back home!” by a bunch of Americans. You know — exactly the sort of unifying message we need to see right now.

Even though Budweiser has insisted this ad wasn’t supposed to be political, they were more than happy to talk about how relevant it was in light of Trump’s executive order, Adweek reported.

“We believe this is a universal story that is very relevant today because probably more than any other period in history today the world pulls you in different directions, and it’s never been harder to stick to your guns,” explained Ricardo Marques, vice-president of Budweiser.

You can watch the full ad here:

Budweiser trying to pour this garbage down our throats just shows how out of touch they really are. The “King of Beers” has apparently abdicated its throne.

As The Washington Post noted, this wa the same beer company that requested permission to be called “America” over the summer — permission that was given.

When most Americans watch the Super Bowl, they don’t want to see more politically charged garbage. They want to see football, laugh at a few cheesy ads and escape the divided world we are living in for a few hours.

Good luck, Bud — irritating half of America really is no way to increase sales.

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