Shock Fact Proves Racists DIDN’T Elect Trump… Obama Voters Put Trump Over Top


In a YouTube video published Nov. 9, Stephen Crowder from “Louder with Crowder” addressed the opinion of many liberals that the only reason President-elect Donald Trump won the election was because racist voters came out of the woodwork to support him.

The number of people who believe that is staggering — just look at your Facebook feed. However, the point he made in his video put that theory pretty solidly to rest: Donald Trump needed voters that previously had voted for President Barack Obama, and he got them.

“The people who voted for Barack Obama, a significant amount of them, Donald Trump could not win without enough of those votes, and those people aren’t racists,” Crowder said.

Please keep in mind that although this video raised a good point, it is fairly profane, and viewer discretion is advised.

“Let’s do the math here, real quick … I’ve not heard anyone else talking about this. This means that if you look at these maps that the majority of the bleed over to Donald Trump are people who voted for Barack Obama and felt screwed,” he said.

These voters didn’t suddenly decide to become racist — they felt betrayed.

“They voted Barack Obama in their own self-interest,” Crowder explained. “They felt like they got screwed, and now they voted for Donald Trump.”

States, especially in the famed Rust Belt, turned red this election, and it was not because brand new voters came on the scene; it’s because voters were angry.

“You can’t say that these same people … these people voted for progress with Barack Obama, and now, all of a sudden, they’re racists because they pulled the lever for Trump because you (Democrats) screwed them.”

Perhaps a good point to add to Crowder’s is that maybe, just maybe, those disenfranchised voters who switched from Obama to Trump and showed up in such force were tired of being lambasted as racist, misogynist bigots for wanting a president who wasn’t the media’s choice.

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