Shock Chart Reveals Number 1 Item Bought With Welfare Money Is Soft Drinks


Food stamp recipients aren’t buying necessities, and there’s government research to prove it.

CNS News reported that the No. 1 commodity bought by United States citizens using food stamps in 2011 was soft drinks. In addition, the amount spent on those soft drinks totaled $357,700,000 at only one “leading U.S. grocery retailer.”

On the other hand, citizens not receiving government assistance bought milk as their No. 1 commodity.

The study, based on food purchases at one unidentified food retailer in 2011 and released by the Food and Nutrition Service, revealed some other harrowing statistics.

“About 40 cents of every dollar of food expenditures by SNAP households was spent on basic items such as meat, fruits, vegetables, milk, eggs, and bread,” it said.

However, “another 20 cents out of every dollar was spent on sweetened beverages, desserts, salty snacks, candy and sugar,” items that are not necessary in daily life, or even unhealthy.

It’s no surprise that those who do not need to use food stamps sometimes spend money on needless or pleasure items, simply because they can afford to do so. However, the study shows that those who shop with other people’s money tend to buy the same unnecessary items as those who can afford them.

“Less healthy food items were common purchases for both SNAP and non-SNAP households,” the study explained. “Sweetened beverages, prepared desserts and salty snacks were among the … top 10 summary categories for both groups. Expenditures were greater for sweetened beverages compared to all milk for both groups, as well.”


This is the problem with the welfare system. Those who do not need food stamps use the system to buy unnecessary items that they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford.

If they are using this money — taxpayer money — to purchase things they don’t need, then they don’t need taxpayer money.

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