SHOCK: Britt Hume Calls It Quits at Fox News


Long-time Fox News host Brit Hume has signed of on his final night as host of “On the Record,” the program Greta Van Susteren helmed for so many years.

In Hume’s final broadcast, he told viewers: “I’m deeply grateful to all of you who stayed with us throughout this transition.”

Hume took the reigns of “On the Record” after long-time host Greta Van Susteren left the network. Tucker Carlson will take the 7 p.m. time slot with his program titled, “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” beginning Monday.

Although Hume has passed the 7 p.m. torch to Tucker Carlson, he won’t be gone for good. Hume said that he will go back to being a senior political analyst for Fox News.

Viewers sounded off about Hume’s departure, including one who tweeted: “Great style and no-nonsense reporting go hand-in-hand. Cheers to retirement.”

Another Twitter user encouraged Hume to enjoy his retirement as well: “Have a Coke, smile and play golf.” Hume noted that he planned to do just that.

The network has undergone a great deal of transition over the past year, with sexual assault allegations that saw the departure of three big names — former CEO Roger Ailes and on-air personalities Gretchen Carlson and Andrea Tantaros.

Hume won’t be gone for good, but he won’t be the same fixture he has been over the years. We may not always agree with him (or anyone, for that matter), but it’s undeniable that he has been an important presence at Fox News.

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