Sheriff Clarke SLAMS Analyst on CNN Who Called Black Conservatives “Mediocre Negroes”

Sheriff Clarke SLAMS Analyst on CNN Who Called Black Conservatives Mediocre Negroes

President-elect Donald Trump campaigned on a promise of making things better for African-Americans and rebuilding America’s inner cities, which have suffered under years of Democrat control.

Many liberals haven’t been too happy with this idea and have attacked any African-American who even appeared to consider working with Trump. CNN’s Marc Lamont Hill was one of those attackers, BizPac Review reported.

After black TV host and radio personality Steve Harvey met with Trump, Hill went on a rant against any person of color who supported Trump.

“A bunch of mediocre negroes being dragged in front of TV as a photo-op for Donald Trump’s exploitative (sic) campaign against black people” was how Hill referred to Trump’s Diversity Coalition.

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke, an African-American who supported Trump, quickly went on Twitter and fired back several shots at Hill.

“I am tired of this jigaboo telling black people who they should be, what they should do. He’s a lackey for Democrats,” Clarke wrote in one tweet directed at Hill.

Clarke then tweeted a quote from Booker T. Washington: “There is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don’t want the patient to get well … because as long as the disease holds out they have an easy means of making a living and an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public.”

Clarke explained that this tweet described Hill perfectly: a race-baiter who would be out of a job if race relations in America improved under Trump.

“Marc Lamont Hill would call Frederick Douglas (sic) a ‘mediocre negro.’ If Douglas is a ‘mediocre negro’ that would make Hill a slime ball,” Clarke wrote in his last tweet on the matter.

Hill was quick to fire back on Twitter, insisting that he never applied the word “mediocre” to Harvey or to retired NFL great and longtime activist Jim Brown, who recently expressed support for Trump. He insisted his remarks were specifically directed at the Diversity Coalition — as if that somehow made those remarks better.

“If you think Frederick Douglas (sic) would be a Trump supporter, then you have no sense of history or an adequate understanding of Douglas,” Hill wrote in a separate tweet.

The fact remains that Hill wants things to stay the way they are because he likes having a job where he can ramble on about race relations and get paid for it.

Rather than working with Trump to improve the lives of millions of African-Americans, Hill would prefer to demonize anyone who is willing to work with Trump to heal America.

How sad.

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