SHAME: Maxine Waters Falls for Russian Hacking Prank… Appears to Know About Fake Country

Maxine Waters Falls for Russian Hacking Prank Appears to Know About Fake Country

While California Rep. Maxine Waters has never been the brightest bulb in Congress, nobody could have expected that two Russian pranksters impersonating Ukraine’s prime minister would be able to fool her into discussing the fate of a country that does not even exist.

And yet that is allegedly exactly what happened.

As reported by RT, pranksters Vladimir Krasnov and Aleksey Stolyarov — known online as “Vovan and Lexus” — recently called the congresswoman and engaged her in an 11-minute discussion on a number of topics, including the fictional country of Limpopo.

Specifically, RT reported that the pranksters informed Waters that Limpopo’s election had been hacked by the Russians — sound familiar? — so as to install a puppet figure as president. Moreover, they said Russian President Vladimir Putin had personally ordered his advisers “Vovan and Lexus”to carry out the alleged hacking.

“The supposed Congresswoman seemingly wrote down these aliases to presumably investigate them further,” RT wrote. “Waters said ‘more information is needed’ as she did not know how many intelligence assets the U.S. had there.”

Really, congresswoman?

A recording of this call may be heard below, though it should be kept in mind that it has not yet been confirmed that the alleged voice of the congresswoman is, in fact, hers.

Unfortunately, Waters’ apparent buffoonery didn’t stop with essentially admitting she didn’t know much about world geography.

Toward the end of the call, the pranksters, whose previous victims have included pop star Elton John, claimed that Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko’s television had also been hacked by the Russians, causing the set to suddenly switch to broadcasts of Putin on the RT station.

“It happened to me, too,” the woman on the phone replied. “I was on the floor talking and I got blacked out and Russia Today came on with an ad for 10 minutes.”

(Such an event did actually happen to Waters in January, according to Fox News.)

From essentially admitting the existence of a fictional country to accepting absurd theories of TV hacking by the Russians, Maxine Waters, if that is her on the recording, has demonstrated why so few Americans — save for the numskulls at CNN — take anything she says seriously anymore.

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