Seventy Teens ‘Bomb’ 86-Year-Old Woman’s Front Yard. But When She Sees It, She’s Left in Tears

Seventy Teens Bomb 86-Year-Old Womans Front Yard But When She Sees It Shes Left in Tears

Teens at Highland Secondary School in Comox Valley, B.C. did one of the greatest Valentine’s Day surprises you will ever see. These teens really know how to make someone feel special!

In February 2016, when Tinney Davidson was 86 years old, the great-grandmother opened her door and was shocked to find more than 70 teens crowded on her lawn. They all had come to wish her a Happy Valentine’s Day.

“I was shocked. They kept coming and coming and I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” said Davidson.

Davidson is known around the community as “Waving Granny.” For the past decade, she has stood at her window with a huge smile while waving at the children as they head off to school each morning.

The students wanted to do something special for “Waving Granny,” so during school, they made hearts and mounted them on wire hangers to “heart bomb” her yard. They placed hearts in her yard and when they left, she had hearts everywhere!

They also made homemade cards and cookies to give to her. Many of the teens gave her a hug and presented her with the special message they had made for her.

“I was just enthused by them,” Davidson shared. “They’re just wonderful children. They just make me feel so good.”

She and her husband started the tradition of waving to the kids, but he passed away several years ago. But she has continued the tradition even without him by her side.

Davidson lives by herself now, but her family and the youth visit often. She thinks this is a little piece of heaven her on earth. “I have so much joy for them,” she exclaimed.

In 2014, the school honored “Waving Granny” during a school assembly for her contribution to the community. “I think I’m just about the luckiest lady alive, really and truly,” Davidson commented with tears in her eyes.

Davidson’s love for the kids in her community has not gone unnoticed, and this Valentine’s Day has proven the perfect opportunity for the kids to show her just how much she is loved! I am sure she will spend days reading and rereading all the special Valentine’s she got that day.

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