Secretary Mattis on North Korea: They’ve “Got to be Stopped”

Secretary Mattis on North Korea Theyve Got to be Stopped

President Donald Trump vowed on the campaign trail that he would crack down hard on America’s enemies, in particular North Korea, which is tirelessly working to perfect its nuclear weapons technology.

On Friday, Secretary of Defense James Mattis had some harsh words for North Korea, stating that the rogue regime has “got to be stopped” during a visit in Britain, Newsmax reported.

“We are working diplomatically, including with those that we might be able to enlist in this effort to get North Korea under control. But right now it appears to be going in a very reckless manner,” Mattis explained at a press conference.

“That’s got to be stopped,” he added.

When words like that come from a former Marine Corps general with the well-earned nickname “Mad Dog,” the world tends to pay attention.

Fox News reported that Mattis’ statement about North Korea was in response to a reporters’ question about comments Mattis had made a few years ago about Iran being the most serious threat the United States faced.

Reports have come out recently indicating that North Korea is preparing for yet another nuclear test. This comes after North Korea has fired off several missiles during the first few months of the Trump administration — presumably to see what sort of reaction Trump would have.

NBC News noted that Mattis’ comments about North Korea are in line with several Trump administration officials who have indicated that the Trump administration is considering all options — including military action — when attempting to figure out how to deal with the rogue state.

Whatever Trump decides to do will undoubtedly be more productive that what President Barack Obama did. Under Obama’s watch, North Korea’s nuclear and missile capacities grew, all because Obama didn’t have the spine to do anything to stop it.

Trump has made it clear he intends to do whatever is necessary to keep America safe from North Korea and their nuclear weapons. That is what we elected him to do, and that is what he has promised to do.

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