Sec. of State Tillerson Fires Wave of Unneeded State Dept. Employees

Sec of State Tillerson Fires Wave of Unneeded State Dept Employees

President Donald Trump was elected on the promise that he would “drain the swamp” of corruption in Washington and that he would appoint to his Cabinet only people who would help him do it.

Trump’s secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, has held that position for only a few weeks, but he has already taken extensive action to begin reforming the State Department and to make it run much more efficiently, CBS News reported.

On Thursday, many State Department staff who worked on the seventh floor were let go or reassigned in one of the first major shake-ups at the State Department since Tillerson took over.

Many of those affected worked for the deputy secretary of state for management and resources and for the counselor offices and were seen as points of contact between the secretary of state’s office and various country bureaus.

CNN reported that many State Department officials feared that these developments might be the beginning of the end of the business-as-usual approach of the department.

The Washington Post noted that a department spokesman framed the shake-up as a way to put people in new positions where their talents could be better utilized:

“The State Department is made up of a corps of very talented public servants. In some cases, we are redeploying people to new assignments where they can immediately put their talents to work,” R.C. Hammond said.

While the State Department does serve an important purpose, in recent years it has become far too bloated — and far too political. Hopefully these reforms will return the State Department to its original purpose and bring some fresh ideas and new perspective to an organization that has represented the very worst of the political establishment for years.

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