Sean Hannity Goes Rogue Runs Trump Ad, So Fox Delivers Him Devastating News… He Needs Your Prayers


According to reports, Fox News host Sean Hannity sparked controversy this weekend when he appeared in a pro-Trump political video. Now, the network intends to prohibit him from appearing in promotional political materials through the end of the election.

Of course, many liberals believe the damage has already been done.

“We were not aware of Sean Hannity participating in a promotional video and he will not be doing anything along these lines for the remainder of the election season,” a spokesperson told POLITICO.

On Sunday, Donald Trump’s campaign uploaded an eight-minute video featuring a number of conservative figures expressing their support for the Republican presidential nominee.

One of those figures was Hannity, who spoke for about 30 seconds in support of the candidate.

The Washington Post was the first to criticize the Fox News host for the video. Though Hannity has be an outspoken supporter of Trump for some time now, his appearance in the campaign video was the first of its kind this election season.

It is unclear how the network intends to handle Hannity’s appearance, given that he is scheduled to host a town hall with Trump this week.

Watch the ad below and tell us what you think.




  1. Truth in the fullest and not skewered in anyway, by real Americans that have real values and ones that rely on hunting and fishing to feed their families, people that have helped mold the American landscape for centuries and want to continue to do so without unconstitutional and biased laws, i’m glad a real news anchor like Hannity chose to stick his neck out and put it all on the line to say what he thinks is right, way to go everyone that had a hand in the making of one of the best pro American pieces i’ve seen to date go Trump/Pence 2016 coming from a committed and faithful supporter of real patriotism even tho i’m a Canadian, the only reason i started following this election in the first place was Trump opened my eyes and inspired my family and i, i’m 43 and have never ever been interested in politics up until Mr. Trump announced he was throwing his hat into the political arena to run for president thanks all that have stood up to the tyranny of the left and their diabolical plans of chaining everyone to their sick socialist propaganda and lies, yours truly a very hopeful free Canadian!!!