SEAL Team Announcement Will Have North Korean Leaders Scared to Death

SEAL Team Announcement Will Have North Korean Leaders Scared to Death

SEAL Team Six, the Navy SEAL unit famous for taking out Osama bin Laden, may now be setting their sights on the North Korean regime.

According to South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency, SEAL Team 6 will be among the Special Operations units participating in the annual Foal Eagle and Key Resolve exercises between the United States and South Korea.

“A bigger number of and more diverse U.S, special operation forces will take part in this year’s Foal Eagle and Key Resolve exercises to practice missions to infiltrate into the North, remove the North’s war command and demolition of its key military facilities,” a “military official” told Yonhap on condition of anonymity.

The agency did not say if the official was part of the U.S. or South Korean services.

The New York Post reports that the Foal Eagle exercise began on March 1 and is scheduled to run until the end of April. Key Resolve, a computer-simulated command post exercise, began Monday and runs until March 24.

Meanwhile, a separate exercise by the South Korean air force is going on as well.

“The Soaring Eagle exercise is designed to practice the Air Force’s readiness against possible provocations from North Korea and counterattack operations,” the South Korean air force said in a statement to the Korea Times.

“By carrying out the exercise in tandem with Key Resolve, we expect the ROK Air Force to enhance its combat capability in the event of war.”

While the United States and South Korea have said that the exercise is defensive in nature, Yonhap said that part of the training was aimed at “incapacitating North Korean leadership.”

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, like his father and grandfather before him, has always tried to project military strength as a bulwark against the rest of the world. For the most part, this was unnecessary for the past eight years. The Obama administration was not going to take any sort of military action against the regime, and it made that clear from the outset.

The Trump administration has taken a stronger line on the North Korean regime, which has made Pyongyang nervous. If they thought that was bad, though, one imagines how much they’ll be sweating when they find out SEAL Team 6 is on the job.

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