Scott Baio Takes A Swing At Nordstrom On Behalf Of Ivanka Trump

Scott Baio Takes A Swing At Nordstrom On Behalf Of Ivanka Trump

Actor Scott Baio has been an open supporter of Donald Trump throughout the primary campaign season and since Trump’s inauguration.

Baio took his support to another level over the weekend by standing up for the president’s daughter, Ivanka Trump. Specifically, Baio took a stand against Nordstrom for discontinuing Ivanka’s brand of clothing and accessories.

Baio posted a tweet on Saturday which read, “Dear @Nordstrom NEVER AGAIN!”

Along with his two-word admonition Baio included a photo of his rewards summary, which showed that as of Dec. 25, the actor had spent over $30,000 at the major retail chain.

Baio received a lot of support for his willingness to call out Nordstrom for its actions.

Another posted:

Nordstrom’s announcement came earlier this month, which prompted Trump to take to Twitter to condemn the way his daughter was being treated.

When Fox & Friends posted the incident to their Twitter account, many people also responded with support of Baio.

Baio has also faced criticism and physical attacks for his support of the president.

Speaking with Maria Bartiromo on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures, Baio recalled the physical attack.

“…I was walking with my wife, and I was on the phone talking…and we somehow got next to some protesters and one guy called me a ‘blanking’ fascist. And I saw his arm start to go, like he was going to take a swing at me and I put my arm out to put it on his arm and stop him.”

He also explained his reason for supporting Trump from the beginning.

“I always thought for the Republicans, uh, for conservatives to win another election, the only way they were going to do it was with somebody who fought back and fought back hard,” Baio told the host.

After watching Trump’s performance during the first presidential debate Baio said he decided, “This is my guy. This guy is no holds barred and he’s going to go after everybody that goes after him.”

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