School Fires Teacher Immediately After Kindergartner Tattles On Her DARK Habit


NOTE: Since the original publication of this story, Klara Bowman committed suicide. Bowman’s suicide came after a long struggle with alcoholism, that seemed to have culminated in the story reported below. After the events reported below, Bowman sought professional help and finally acknowledged that she was an alcoholic who would never be able to drink again. Those close to her were even becoming hopeful that she would finally get her life back. Sadly, however, that was not to be, and Klara took her own life. If you see something familiar in the story below, either in yourself or in others you know, do your best to get help. Addiction destroys lives. Sometimes that destruction if figurative, and sometimes, sadly, it is literal.

A kindergarten teacher at Larchmont Elementary in Tacoma, Washington, was escorted out of the classroom after officials discovered that she had gotten drunk on the job.

KING explained that the incident occurred on Feb. 19, when a brave kindergarten student walked into the school’s main office and told the assistant principal that her teacher, Klara Bowman, 32, was acting strange.

When the principal went to check on Bowman, he found a cup of alcohol on her disk and discovered her drunk out of her mind — to the point that she stumbled into a wall as the principal tried to escort her out of the classroom.

Moreover, according to KCPQ, Bowman’s blood-alcohol level registered at .40, five times the legal limit in her state.

After exiting the building, Bowman then texted other teachers at the facility, asking them to retrieve several alcohol bottles that were stashed in her classroom.


Bomwan reportedly had a similar incident 5 years earlier, but district officials decided at the time to give her a second chance, warning her that a repeat offense would lead to her immediate termination.

And that is exactly what happened this time around.

One of the worst parts of this story, however, is that officials chose not to let parents know why they terminated Bowman.

“While it was clear that the behavior of this former teacher warranted termination because of the exceptional conduct, what wasn’t warranted, we thought, was a public shaming, so we did not notify parents of the reason behind it for that very reason,”  Dan Voelpel, spokesman for Tacoma Public Schools, said.

Thanks to the media, however, parents soon found out and were not pleased with Bowman’s antics.

“I can understand, people make mistakes, but you’re dealing with children — small children,” parent Jeni Brown remarked. “The fact that a kindergartner had to go point out that something was wrong, that’s what doesn’t sit well with me.”

Officials at the school should have been much more vigilant. How is it possible that a kindergarten student noticed the problem before the administration did?

The fact that this happened twice and that the district then tried to protect Bowman — it suggests that some major change is needed in this district, the sooner the better.

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