School Celebrates After Ending Michelle Obama’s Lunch Program

School Celebrates After Ending Michelle Obamas Lunch Program

Students at Penn-Trafford High School in Harrison City, Pennsylvania, can breathe easier and eat better knowing they won’t have to deal with former first lady Michelle Obama’s disgusting lunch options anymore.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported that school administrators opted out of the National School Lunch Program after struggling to comply with federal regulations. As a result of the change, the school’s lunch budget is on schedule to be back in the black.

“We’ve lost, to date, about $40,000 worth of reimbursement, but our sales are up about $50,000 over last year,” district business manager Brett Lago said.

“The participation has gone from about 25 to 45 percent, and we’re still providing free lunches to all those students who would have been eligible under the school lunch program,” Lago said.

School principal Tony Aquilio said that while students had been required to take every item included in each day’s lunch, many students ending up throwing them away.

“The trash cans were always full, sometimes overflowing,” said senior Brianna Lander, 18. “You don’t see that now. People would go up to the snack line and get random junk food, where now you can get an actual meal and eat it.”

Calorie and sodium limits in the National School Lunch Program severely limited choices, and the program also mandated that students be served certain items.

Along with the change in the menu, the school cafeteria also underwent a complete remodeling. The new food-court-style cafeteria includes a deli, a grill, a main course counter, and pizza and a la carte stations.

“We’re still providing healthy meals and healthy choices, we just have more flexibility,” Lago told WPXI.

“You get to choose what you want instead of being sort of funneled in and only having one choice,” Chase Zavarella, 17, said. “I think everyone is happier with the new selection.”

No doubt they are. Obama’s school lunch program was a disaster from the moment it was implemented.

Hopefully more schools will follow Penn-Trafford’s example.

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