School Cancels Mock Election Because Some Kids Shouted Trump’s Name


This must be what democracy looks like in the Obama Era.

A New York school canceled its mock election because some children voiced their support for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

According to ABC News, students at Jericho Elementary School on Long Island, New York, were supposed to take part in a mock election to learn about democracy and the United States.

Although students were merely supposed to vote on their favorite school lunch (something Obama fans should have learned something about in the past seven years), teachers claim they heard some students chanting “Trump! Trump!” in the school cafeteria.

Principal Glen Rogers told ABC that as a result, the school was forced to cancel the election so that other students didn’t feel “uncomfortable.”

“Teachers have said they’ve heard some kids in the cafeteria chanting, ‘Trump! Trump! Trump!’ or saying they don’t want Muslims here,” Rogers said.

“I mean, kids often repeat what they hear on the TV or the news, but it doesn’t mean it’s OK. We have a diverse community here. We want all our students to feel valued.”

In an effort to keep the kids from feeling “uncomfortable,” the school actually hurt the students — by devaluing democracy.

One student said explained how many of classmates have different views about the presidential candidates. “Some people think Clinton is not good, some people think Trump is not good,” he said.

Instead of teaching the kids to work together as they would in a real democracy, the school cancelled the election, and instead told students that they would learn about the election inside their classrooms.

What better way to learn about democracy than for children to get punished once they voice their opinions!

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