Sanders Issues Shock Statement Horrifying Media… Trump Voters Not Racist or Sexist


Following the largely unexpected victory of President-elect Donald Trump, some members of the Democrat Party and liberal media have staunchly refused to look at what they did wrong and instead reiterated their assertion that Trump was elected by millions of racist, sexist and bigoted supporters.

There have been a few individuals on the left, though, who have taken the time for a moment of introspection regarding why their side lost and made honest assessments of how to ensure it doesn’t happen again, one such individual being the self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders.

According to Breitbart, the senator from Vermont recently sat down for an interview with Charlie Rose of PBS, where he made clear that in his estimation it was the media and political establishment who got things wrong in failing to understand the connection Trump made with American voters all across the country, which had nothing to do with racism, sexism or bigotry.

Admitting that he himself “wasn’t shocked” but still surprised by Trump’s victory, Sanders declared, “(W)hat the media doesn’t understand, what the establishment doesn’t understand, is there are tens of millions of people who are not racists, who are not sexist; they’re hurting.”

Sanders proceeded to describe how tough things are for average Americans these days, stating that Trump won because he spoke to voters with passion about the specific issues of most concern to them, something Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton and other Democrats did not do well, if at all.

Asked later in the interview about the role FBI Director James Comey and his investigation of Clinton’s private email server scandal played in her loss, Sanders agreed that Comey’s reopening of the investigation at the last minute was “inappropriate” and could have made a difference in the close margins in several states, but he didn’t feel as though it was the main factor in her loss as some Democrats and the media have asserted.

But Sanders asserted that there was a “deeper question” than just FBI interference as to why Clinton lost to somebody like Trump.

“And that speaks to where the Democratic Party is today, how it sees it itself. What is the Democratic Party?” Sanders asked rhetorically.

“You know what concerns me very much, we have a lot of Democrats who spend much of their life, you know what they do much of their life? They’re out raising money from wealthy people,” he continued. “Out raising — now, in this day and age, as a result of Citizens United, money is very important. I know it, but you can’t just spend your entire life raising money from the wealthy people.”

“What Trump was doing, to his credit, he was going out holding rallies. He was going all over this country. He was going in rural areas, where candidates previously did not go. In many ways, I did that myself,” he added.

What Bernie Sanders said about Donald Trump’s supporters was absolutely right. They aren’t hateful, racist, sexist bigots, but are mostly just regular Americans who have been hurting due to government policies and felt like they had been ignored or looked down upon by the political establishment for too long.

Though we disagree with Sanders on a whole host of ideological issues, we certainly commend him for forthrightly speaking in opposition to the narrative being put forth by his friends and allies in the liberal media and Democrat Party.

Democrats would do well to listen to Sanders and take his advice inasmuch as they should turn their attention to the “tens of millions of Americans” who have had it up to here with the deliberate obtuseness of the party and the government toward their wants and needs.

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