Rush Limbaugh TORCHES Libs With 1 Word That Describes Their Trump Outrage


During Friday’s broadcast of his radio show, political commentator Rush Limbaugh described the post-election behavior of liberals as “deranged,” though he also explained why this blatant madness was a blessing in disguise for Republicans.

“The left appears to me to be genuinely imploding, and I mean imploding to the point that low-information people are going to see how wacko they are,” Limbaugh said, according to a transcript obtained from “I think the nature of this implosion is going to be their marginalization.”

Bingo. From rioting like thugs to attacking motorists, some liberals were showcasing just how mentally disturbed (or “deranged”) they really are. For those Americans with common sense and decency, this lunacy was not appreciated.

Speaking of which, some of the aforementioned lunacy can be observed in the video below:

While such sorts of widespread riots have somewhat dissipated, smaller albeit still violent protests are still raging across the states.

Earlier this week in Maryland, for instance, high school students protesting against Trump’s election beat up a 15-year-old boy who had been wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, according to news station WTOP. They did so while holding signs that read, “Love trumps hate”:


“(Democrats are) gonna win again someday,” Limbaugh continued, noting the cyclical nature of politics. “But we have an opportunity here to expose who they are to the greatest number of people we’ve had in my lifetime, I believe.”

While it was troubling to see innocent Americans harmed because of “deranged” liberals, the tragic truth was that every single time Democrats rioted or attacked other people, they only helped Republicans expose the liberals’ true colors.

The left’s better option would be to pipe down, retool and try again in 2018, but judging by their recent behavior, they would rather just keep losing.

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