Rush Floats Unheard-Of Way for Trump to Beat Media… Hold More Campaign Rallies!

Rush Floats Unheard-Of Way for Trump to Beat Media Hold More Campaign Rallies

On his Friday show, conservative icon Rush Limbaugh said he would advise President Donald Trump to start the kind of massive rallies he did during the campaign again in order to show the media just how much support he has.

Limbaugh said this was the best way to combat the perception in the liberal media that Trump’s administration is unpopular due to unrest and protests.

“Obama can go out and say and do whatever he wanted, and the media is backing it up and supporting and making it look brilliant and normal all day long, all night long, all week long, all month,” Limbaugh said. “With Trump, whatever he does, it’s portrayed as insane, dangerous, risky, uninformed, stupid, or what have you. Who is out there countering that, other than some of us in the alternative media?

“That’s why I think Trump ought to continue to go out and do rallies. I think Trump ought to go out and continue to draw 20,000, 25,000, and demonstrate,” Limbaugh continued. “Let the pictures show that the pictures the media is creating are bogus and not representative of public opinion.

“But that still puts the onus on Trump. If I were Trump, frankly, I’d be kind of ticked off that I have to do that. ‘What more do you want from me? I won.’ Now he’s faced with people whining and moaning he’s not doing things fast enough or the Congress isn’t doing things fast enough.”

Limbaugh said it was the only way to fight the liberal media machine.

“You’ve got late-night comedy shows, and ‘Saturday Night Live’ now given as much weight as standard day-to-day media network broadcasts. It is an onslaught,” Limbaugh said. “There’s a part of me that believes that all of this is leading to a continued backfire on the Democrats and on the left. I think they’re gonna continue to lose elections.”

Trump’s rallies were one of the few signs during the 2016 election that he was doing better than the mainstream media expected, with the future president getting tens of thousands of people in while Hillary would often only draw hundreds, if even that.

Should Trump start them again? It’s an interesting proposal from a very prescient man.

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