Rosie Tries Impersonating Bannon… Winds Up Looking Like Louis Anderson

Rosie Tries Impersonating Bannon Winds Up Looking Like Louis Anderson

For the past year and a half, the folks at “Saturday Night Live” have been mocking Donald Trump over just about everything they can — turning what was once a vaguely amusing sketch comedy show into an hour-long political rant that has just gotten really old.

“SNL” has shown no signs of slowing down its Trump hate. In fact, actress and inveterate Trump hater Rosie O’Donnell is reportedly looking to play the part of Trump White House strategist and adviser Steve Bannon on the show, and in a sign of just how desperate she is for attention, she changed her Twitter profile picture to one of Bannon with her face photoshopped on.

Having O’Donnell’s face photoshopped onto your body is a crime that should violate the Geneva convention. Seriously, that sort of action is just inhumane. Please be careful when looking at the photo below. We don’t want to you ripping out your eyeballs over the horror you are about to witness.

O’Donnell’s attempt to get some publicity backfired badly as many Twitter users started pointing out that she looked more like comedian Louie Anderson than she did Bannon.

There’s nothing quite like watching someone who is longing to be relevant again crash and burn so spectacularly.

Just like all the other liberals out there, O’Donnell is just trying to make a name for herself by doing whatever she can to mock the Trump administration — even if her facts are completely wrong.

While political humor is perfectly fine, there is certainly a limit to what should and should not be done. “SNL” is just taking things way too far now. They need to broaden their portfolio a little more and focus on other things besides Trump.

What O’Donnell and the rest of her liberal ilk haven’t realized is that very few people in America care what they think anymore. O’Donnell is just an overweight angry liberal who has lost her relevance in this world.

She can continue to post idiotic photos and false news on her Twitter account all she wants. The rest of us will actually focus on Making America Great Again and uniting this country.

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