REPORT: Trump Admin Considers Cutting North Korea Off from Global Finance System

Trump Admin Considers Cutting North Korea Off from Global Finance System

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un has no idea who he’s dealing with.

President Donald Trump believes the time for soft diplomacy is over and is considering tough economic sanctions against North Korea that would bring the already-struggling North Korean economy to its knees.

Combined with increased defense measures and growing diplomatic pressure in response to the rogue nation’s recent missile threats to neighbors in the region and the U.S., harsh economic sanctions could be rapidly persuasive, according to The Hill.

H.R. McMaster, Trump’s national security adviser, is creating a set of policy recommendations for the president that is expected to be completed with the next few weeks, according to Newsweek.

North Korea, China and the United States have a delicate economic triad. What little information can be obtained shows that Kim Jong Un inherited a bleak, unsustainable economy that will only get worse.

China is the country’s only substantial trading partner, and with the recent slowdown of financial aid, lending and technological assistance from Russia, North Korea’s friends in the region are few.

The Chinese economy is highly dependent on U.S. trade. Trump has the power to hurt North Korea not only with direct pressure but also with pressure on China by putting the squeeze on small Chinese banks, which trade illegally with North Korea, according to Reuters.

Since North Korea already has limited access to the international financial system, pressure would have to come from several nations in order for the squeeze to be effective, with the U.S. convincing all of its allies in the region of their self-interest in banding together.

Kim Jong Un has proven time and again that the welfare of the oppressed North Korean people is of no concern to him. While he plots world domination, his people starve. As bad as life is for North Korea’s people, American sanctions couldn’t make things much worse, and this maniac has to be stopped.

We hope that President Trump’s bold tactics will bring North Korea to its knees. No one wants war, and perhaps a carefully crafted show of economic solidarity against Kim Jong Un’s evil dictatorship will help avoid it.

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