REPORT: Polls Wrong… Why Trump Will Destroy Hillary in a Landslide


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump wil win the election by a landslide because pollsters aren’t considering real voters, according to a guest post for website American Lookout.

The site argued that pollsters were especially wrong when considering swing states because these states were not going to be actual tossups at all — they’re going to go for Trump. In fact, when considering the number of real voters participating in the election, Trump will win with 315 electoral votes.

Writer Tom Franklin explained that one of the reasons was that pollsters have largely ignored the increase in Republican turnout this year.

He added that pollsters were also underestimating the numbers of Democrats who will vote for Trump. This would include supporters for Sen. Bernie Sanders who decided to jump ship after the level of corruption within the Democrat Party was revealed.

Pollsters have additionally miscalculated the percentage of white voters who will turn out in relation to other voting segments of the population.

Franklin referred to a map of “safe” electoral states produced by, which showed Trump with 164 electoral votes and Democrat rival Hillary Clinton with 203 electoral votes.

Franklin’s adjusted numbers for swing states showed Trump winning:


In North Carolina, Franklin showed Trump beating Clinton with a 9.1 percent lead with 50.9 percent of the votes to Clinton’s 41.8 percent.

In Florida, Trump had a 6.7 percent lead, with 48.1 percent of the votes to Clinton’s 41.4 percent.

In Colorado, Franklin shows Clinton trailing Trump by 5.9 percent, with 42.9 percent to 37 percent.

Franklin showed Trump winning Pennsylvania by 3.3 percent, with 46.6 percent to 43.6 percent.

In New Hampshire, Franklin showed Trump beating Clinton by 2.9 percent, with 46.3 percent to 43.4 percent.

Franklin had Trump taking Nevada with .45 percent of the votes, 46.5 percent to 46.05.

This prediction, if accurate, is good news for the future of our country, and it must have Trump and his supporters smiling big.

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H/T The Daily Caller