Report: Not a Single Piece of Evidence in Trump/Russia Probe

Not a Single Piece of Evidence in Trump Russia Probe

The investigation of a computer server link between the Trump Organization and a Russian bank has yielded no evidence of collusion between Russian authorities and President Donald Trump or any of his associates related to the presidential campaign, the news website Circa reported on Thursday.

The server had been the target of a special surveillance warrant, otherwise known as a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant. That warrant was partially behind a series of tweets from the president in which he intimated the Obama administration may have engaged in surveillance on his campaign.

In an Oct. 31 article, The New York Times reported that the FBI spent weeks last year examining what the newspaper called a “mysterious computer back channel between the Trump Organization and (Russia’s) Alfa Bank.” The FBI concluded the connection was “innocuous,” The Times reported.

Now, after a months-long investigation, intelligence sources told Circa that the FBI “has not gathered evidence of election tampering to date that would warrant criminal charges against any of the president’s associates.”

Circa also quoted several intelligence sources who said the media had grossly misrepresented the leaks and the target of the investigation.

“I’ve never seen a case so misrepresented and leaks so damaging to a process that was meant to be conducted in secret,” one official told the website.

“The (Trump-Russia) narrative in the media hasn’t been our primary focus and mostly involves pieces of information that came in incidentally. We check them out and we move on,” another official said.

“We have people spouting off who don’t know the difference between FISA surveillance and a wiretap or a counterintelligence probe versus a special prosecutor, and it has hurt our ability to get to the truth and has wrongly created the impression that intelligence officials have a political agenda,” another source complained.

The Democrats’ narrative over the investigation — which has been mostly picked up by the media reporting anonymous sources — is that there must have been some level of culpability on the part of the Trump administration if a FISA warrant was issued. As an example, take this tweet by California Democrat Rep. Ted Lieu:

Yes, you read that right: The party of the ACLU now believes that a mere surveillance warrant is tantamount to guilt.

However, that narrative has quickly fallen apart. Even The Times article in which the FISA warrant was first covered noted that nothing had come of the investigation. Now, not only are intelligence sources apparently indicating that those within Trump’s camp have been cleared, but that Trump and his people weren’t even the focus of the investigation in the first place.

Talk about a narrative-killer.

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