REPORT: Muslims Translators Mis-Translating So Christians Get Deported

Muslims Translators Mis-Translating So Christians Get Deported

A German pastor who has baptized over 1,000 Muslim migrants into the Christian faith said that Christian migrants were having their statements mistranslated in tribunals by Muslim translators in order to get them deported, according to Breitbart.

Rev. Gottfried Martens claimed that a conversion to Christianity can make it easier for migrants from countries where Christians are persecuted to seek asylum, the U.K. Daily Mail reported. However, if the converts are misquoted by translators, it can actually decrease their chances by making the conversion look contrived for reasons of expediency.

The high-profile Lutheran pastor recently wrote a letter to supporters in which he savaged what he called the “kangaroo courts” run by Germany’s Ministry for Immigration and Refugees, where “almost exclusively Muslim translators” are used for converts from Iran and Afghanistan.

“We have also experienced how the almost exclusively Muslim translators deliberately stick the knife in our congregational members by falsely translating what they say,” the pastor said, adding that the refugees’ “statements about the Christian faith that have often been distorted beyond recognition.”

In the letter, posted on Canadian Lutheran Online, Martens said that “at this time the Federal Ministry for Immigration and Refugees is rejecting almost all applications for asylum from our Iranian and in many cases also from our Afghan congregational members and candidates for baptism, and is sending them their deportation notices.”

Martens’ letter said that the situation was being made worse by a raft of clueless administrators who failed to understand the gravity of the punishment these Christians would face if they were deported.

“A few months ago the Federal Ministry considerably increased the number of personnel responsible for hearing and deciding asylum applications. This was of course necessary, given that many of our congregational members had been waiting three years for their first hearing,” Martens wrote.

“Yet not even in our worst nightmares could we have pictured what this change would entail. Almost all congregational members and candidates for baptism are having their hearings scheduled well-nigh simultaneously, and yet the only qualification of those charged with hearing their cases has often added up to no more than a three-week course; many are manifestly clueless about the situation of Christians in Iran and Afghanistan, and worse yet they are utterly clueless concerning questions relating to the Christian faith.”

The pastor said that German officials act as “self-appointed experts, whose questions ‘unmask’ the supposedly deceitful Iranian asylum applicants one after another, even when those hearing the cases don’t even know the difference between the Creed and the Our Father.”

Some questions they asked of the new converts include the name of the Prodigal Son and his brother, or the circumstances surround “the occasion of Queen Margarethe of Denmark’s recent visit to Wittenberg.” (For those of you unaware of the purpose of the royal visit, and I’m sure I’m talking to nobody here, it was for the reconsecration of the All Saints Church.)

“In this way Christians who learned the first elements of the Christian faith in their house church in Iran are well and truly hung out to dry,” Martens lamented.

Given the laissez-faire attitude that European Union members in general — and Germany in particular — have taken with other individuals who have entered their country illegally, it’s especially galling to see individuals who face very real danger of persecution if they’re deported being treated in this manner, especially since all they did to deserve that persecution was to practice the freedom of religion

And the fact that they’re possibly being sabotaged by their own translators is all the more disgusting.

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