REPORT: Judge Napolitano Says Trump Is Considering Him for Future SCOTUS Vacancy

Judge Napolitano Says Trump Is Considering Him for Future SCOTUS Vacancy

Controversy regarding a story he reported on Obama administration surveillance of President Donald Trump may have left Judge Andrew Napolitano at least temporarily off the airwaves at Fox News, but if reports from the Napolitano camp are true, he could be gearing up for a much bigger job.

According to a Saturday article in Politico, the judge and conservative pundit said he was told by President Trump that he was on the short list for the Supreme Court if another vacancy were to arise.

“He said, ‘Trump said I’m on the list,’” a source who spoke with Napolitano said. “He’s been saying that since the transition.”

The source warned Napolitano that Trump will “take your call and invite you to the Oval Office, but he just wants you to say nice things about him on TV.” However, the report indicated that Judge Napolitano does take what the president said seriously.

Napolitano met with Trump in January during the transition to discuss filling the Supreme Court vacancy left by Justice Antonin Scalia’s death.

“The president-elect is focusing on his choices, or his choice, for the Supreme Court of the United States,” Napolitano told Fox Business. “We discussed the judicial attitudes, judicial temperament, judicial ideology and candidates for the court.”

“It was awesome to say the least,” he added. “Of course you know the president-elect has an opinion on everything, quite literally.”

Trump, of course, chose Judge Neil Gorsuch of the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. However, Napolitano, a former New Jersey Superior Court Justice, “claims he’s submitted both academic and personal resumes to Trump aides, and that they’ve pored over the judge’s writings, including several popular non-fiction books,” according to Politico.

Napolitano is currently off the air at Fox, where he’s been since 1998, after making and reiterating a claim that three anonymous sources told him that British intelligence wiretapped Trump at the behest of the Obama administration.

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