REPORT: Former Secret Service Agent Claims “Obamagate” Will “Blow Wide Open”

Former Secret Service Agent Claims Obamagate Will Blow Wide Open

On Saturday, President Donald Trump sent out a series of tweets about allegations that President Barack Obama, or his administration, had wiretapped Trump Tower to listen in on Trump’s phone calls.

These tweets stirred up a hornet’s nest. Political pundits have scrambled, liberal journalists have gone into spin overdrive and the American people have been left wondering what exactly Obama did or did not do.

Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service agent, posted some cryptic tweets on Twitter on Saturday, claiming that he would be sharing information this week.

“ObamaGate is going to blow wide-open this week,” he wrote in one tweet.

“I’ll be sharing more about the Obama administration this week, it’s time,” he wrote in a second equally cryptic tweet.

So far, Bongino hasn’t shared any bombshells. However, WND reported that Bongino did post a video on Facebook soon after those tweets, claiming there was a “third option” to these reports on Obama’s wiretapping, the first two being that Trump illicitly pressured the FBI into telling him about the wiretapping, and the second that Trump has simply lied about it.

“They’ve never considered the third option, that he had Secret Service protection and there was likely an (electronic counter-measures) sweep done to check for bugs. The FBI’s not going to tell the Secret Service if they’re monitoring the president-elect, and if Obama or his DOJ officials wanted Trump monitored, the Secret Service probably didn’t know at all,” he said.

Bongino theorized that the Secret Service may have discovered the wiretaps while doing a sweep and only recently discovered they were authorized by the DOJ.

Of course this is all speculation. It’s unclear if this video was the “Obamagate” that Bongino was referring to, or if he has something else planned for later in the week.

BizPac Review noted that Bongino believed that the American people would find out this week what evidence Trump has.

We certainly hope so. While speculation is interesting and sometimes useful, when it comes to something as serious as a presidential candidate being spied upon by a sitting president from the other major party, we need all the facts as quickly as possible.

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