REPORT: Driver Claims Bloody Road Rage Beating a Result of Pro-Trump Bumper Sticker

Driver Claims Bloody Road Rage Beating a Result of Pro-Trump Bumper Sticker

Even though the 2016 presidential election is over, there are still a number of people in the America who can’t or won’t accept that Donald Trump is our president and will sometimes resort to violence because of their stubbornness.

Gregg Dunay was unfortunately on the receiving end of someone’s violent outburst because of Trump. The Florida resident claimed that he was assaulted on the highway because of the Trump bumper sticker on his car, WTSP reported.

Dunay stated that he was trying to change lanes at a traffic light and when he asked the driver next to him to let him in. The other driver refused and then went off about Dunay’s bumper sticker.

“He opened up his door and he finally said, ‘I’m not going to let any person who supports Trump in front of me,’” Dunay recounted. “He’s literally screaming out the window this whole time cursing at me and cursing at Trump. ‘F Trump’ and ‘F Trump’s mother.’”

Naturally, Dunay defended himself (and Trump) by stating that the person’s anger was exactly why Trump won.

“This is why President Trump became our president and took control, because we’re tired of people attacking us just for our political views,” Dunay said in reply.

WKBN reported that at the next light down the street, the driver actually got out of his car and punched Dunay in the face, breaking his glasses and giving him a nasty cut on his head that required 5 stitches.

The driver then took off, and police are currently seeking him, Bay News 9 reported. Police were certain that this was a road rage attack and were reportedly still investigating whether it was politically motivated.

If a Trump bumper sticker is enough to make you want to assault someone, you probably need some serious therapy. At this point we should be coming together as a country, not physically beating each other up because of our different political views.

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