REPORT: Dept. Store’s Christmas Items Vanish, Then Staffer Announces “We’re a Muslim Business”


Much has been said regarding the way virtually unchecked Muslim migration has changed the culture in Europe over the past couple of years, particularly in Germany, but now it appears as though the thoroughly Germanic holiday of Christmas is coming under attack, at least in one location.

Breitbart recently reported that the Woolworth’s department store in the German city of Dortmund had essentially cancelled Christmas, with one staffer reportedly saying it was done due to their being a “Muslim business.”

Indeed, a local shopper who had noticed that the store had initially stocked its shelves with the typical assortment of Christmas decorations and associated items was shocked when she returned just a day or so later to find the shelves utterly bereft of anything Christmas-related.

When she asked an employee what had happened, she was reportedly told, “We are a Muslim business; we don’t want to sell Christmas articles.”

That assertion was seemingly confirmed by branch manager Sada Capackur, who informed local reporters, “The Christmas articles are hardly in demand here. Already last year, everything remained unsold.”

But it should be clear that this is not a company-wide policy, as a spokeswoman for the company pushed back against the narrative after the story went viral, according to the U.K. Express.

“Woolworth is, of course, not a Muslim company,” stated spokeswoman Diana Preisert. “Christmas merchandise is available from September onwards and should be sold out by the end of December.”

“In this branch, however, demand was too low. Therefore the goods were distributed to other branches,” she added, noting that this was purely a local decision based entirely on specific “local conditions.”

To be sure, Muslims now make up the majority of residents in the city of Dortmund, with city officials reporting that Christians now only account for about one-third of the population.

While this does seem quite distressing, it appears to be an isolated case, and in truth this is simply how markets work. This particular store is reacting to the various demands of a local population by supplying the items it desires while not wasting precious shelf space with things it doesn’t want.

Woolworth’s, however, might want to look into those employees referring to it as a “Muslim company.”

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