REPORT: Clinton Foundation Unable to Attract New Donors Amid Controversy


During the 2016 general election, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s “pay-to-play” operation at the State Department came to light, raising serious questions about the Clinton Foundation’s true purpose in life.

While the election may be over, Clinton’s problems with her family “charity” are continuing. The Foundation released its quarterly report (which you can read here) of donors on its website, and The Daily Caller noted that there were only five new donors.

“A lot of questions have been raised, and I think donors are understandably cautious about getting involved with this deeply troubled charity,” Wall Street analyst Charles Ortel explained to The Daily Caller.

In addition to that bad news, the New York Post reported that donations to the Clinton Foundation fell by 37 percent. Donations were at $172 million in 2014, but fell to $108 million in 2015.

Given the events that have transpired since then, we can only imagine that the trend has continued.

In fact, the entire future of the Clinton Foundation may now be in jeopardy, CNBC reported, due in large part to Clinton losing the presidential election and disappearing from the public’s mind.

“(Hillary) technically has no political prospects ahead of her. They’re both important people, but dealing with a past president and future president were attractive to a number of donors,” explained professor Leslie Lenkowsky.

Now that Clinton is no longer running for president — and is unlikely to run again — the Clinton dynasty is essentially over. It is possible that Chelsea Clinton could decide to run for office, but she doesn’t have the national reputation that her mother and father did.

President-elect Donald Trump managed to end the Clinton dynasty in a few short months while other politicians have struggled to end it for years. Hopefully, he will be able to drain the swamp in just a few months as well.

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