REPORT: Clinton Foundation Paid Women Less Than Men


Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has claimed to be a champion of women, but much like the rest of her claims, this one too was a blatant lie — or at least it was were one to judge this claim by the candidate’s own absurd standards.

The latest hacked emails from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, released this week by WikiLeaks, showed that an employee of the Clinton Foundation emailed Podesta and board chairman Bruce Lindsey in February 2015 to share his concerns about the foundation’s pay gap.

“Guys — Given the story yesterday about pay equity at the State Department, I wanted to flag something that came out of our research on pay equity at the Foundation,” he wrote. “There are huge discrepancies, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they went here next.”

Attached to the email was a spreadsheet showing the foundation’s payroll data for 2011, at which time men at the Clinton Foundation averaged $68,164, while their female counterparts averaged only $64,118, according to LifeZette.


Likewise, the top paid employee was a male who earned $127,000, whereas the lowest paid one was a female who pulled in only $18,000.

This revelation came as quite the shock, given Clinton’s penchant for demanding that men and women always be paid equally, regardless of the nature of their work.

“Last time I checked, there’s no discount for being a woman,” she reportedly said in April.

Then why were women at her organization having their pay discounted? Cat got your tongue?

The truth was that the pay gap likely existed for legitimate reasons. But since Clinton preferred to dismiss such reasons, often blindly accusing business owners of sexism for merely paying different workers different rates, it seemed only fair to dismiss them for her as well.

In other words, going by Clinton’s own standards, she clearly mistreats women and is therefore an evil sexist.

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H/T The Gateway Pundit