Religious Leaders Turn On Hillary After They See Leaked Emails


The WikiLeaks release of thousands of emails hacked from Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, have been extremely revealing. In one of the emails, the Clinton campaign disparaged Catholics and, as religious leaders noted in a statement, “all traditional Christians.”

Catholic and evangelical leaders banded together to sign a statement that blasted the Clinton campaign for its despicable comments and expressed “outrage at the demeaning and troubling rhetoric used by those within Secretary Clinton’s campaign.”

The 2011 email that sparked the outrage was circulated between Podesta, Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri and John Halpin,  who is a senior fellow at the left-wing think tank Center for American Progress, according to CNN.

Halpin disparaged 21st Century Fox Chairman Rupert Murdoch and NewsCorp Chairman Robert Thomson over their Catholic faith. He wrote that the men were drawn to the faith because of what Halpin alleged was the Church’s “systematic thought and severely backwards gender relations.”


Palmieri, who is a Catholic herself according to Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon, responded, “I imagine they think it is the most socially acceptable, politically conservative religion — their rich friends wouldn’t understand if they became evangelical.”

Religious leaders responded to these disparaging remarks in their statement, which called for the Clinton campaign to answer for the email: “Podesta’s refusal to raise any objection makes him equally party to this bigotry. It is inexcusable. It is shameful. It is un-American.”

“The WikiLeaks emails reveal a contempt for all traditional Christians, and we are — Catholic and Evangelical — united in our outrage and united in our call for Mrs. Clinton to immediately apologize for the Christophobic behavior of her associates,” the statement read.

GOP nominee Donald Trump weighed in by posting the CNN story on his Facebook page:

Palmieri deflected responsibility, as liberals do when backed into a corner, and laid blame on the Kremlin in her claim that she “didn’t recognize (the email) but moreover … we are not going to fact check each of the emails that were stolen, hacked by Russian lead (sic) efforts in an effort to hurt our campaign.”

Wouldn’t you want to know whether or not emails that were circulating with your name on them — no matter how they got out there — were real or not?

At the very least, most people would want to know whether or not they have been hacked, and that is where the most obvious hole in the Clinton campaign’s protestations reveals itself.

The Clinton campaign’s deflection onto the Kremlin might very well serve as confirmation of the authenticity of the emails. They wrote them, they are indefensible and now instead of owning up to them they are going to deflect attention onto the Russian bogeyman.

I mean, what other options do they have?

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