Release of Trump’s Tax Return Proves New York Times’ Story False

Release of Trumps Tax Return Proves New York Times Story False

On Tuesday evening, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow sent the internet into a frenzy when she announced that she had President Donald Trump’s tax returns, and would be releasing them at 9 p.m. EDT.

As with everything Maddow does, it was a whole lot of hype that turned into a whole lot of nothing. Maddow only had two pages of Trump’s 2005 returns. However, those two pages proved something very important, The Daily Caller reported.

The fact that Trump paid $38 million in income tax in 2005 proves that a New York Times story a few months ago about Trump was wrong. Big surprise, right?

The Times had suggested on Oct. 1 that Trump’s declared loss of $916 million in 1995 meant he could have avoided paying taxes for over a decade.

Well, looks like Trump did in fact pay taxes!

Trump’s tax bill was high due to something called the Alternative Minimum Tax, a government rule designed to prevent the wealthy from avoiding paying taxes, Fox News reported.

If it weren’t for the AMT, Trump may well have been able to avoid paying very much in the way of taxes due to his 1995 declared loss.

CNN noted that Trump has blasted the leaking of his tax returns, calling it illegal. A statement released by the White House stated that MSNBC was so desperate for ratings that the network was willing to break the law just to get some viewership.

Of course, we shouldn’t expect NYT editors to admit they were wrong and issue an apology. Trump’s 2005 returns showed that he was just another wealthy America who paid taxes. No bombshells. No Russian connections. Nothing interesting whatsoever.

The media are so desperate to drum up attention that they will make a big deal out of two pages of a tax return (acquired illegally) that prove absolutely nothing.

Talk about fake news.

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