RED ALERT: Fingerprints of Iraqi Refugee Admitted to U.S. Discovered in Hostage Chamber

Fingerprints of Iraqi Refugee Admitted to US Discovered in Hostage Chamber

Three refugees who had passed what liberals have disingenuously described as called America’s “rigorous refugee vetting process” were arrested and charged this week with immigration fraud.

It turned out that two of the refugees, brothers Yousif Al Mashhandani and Adil Hasan, had failed to disclose that they were also brothers to Majid Al Mashhadani, an Iraqi who confessed to helping kidnap American contractor Roy Hallums in Iraq in 2004. Hallums was held with other captives “for months in horrible conditions in an underground bunker,” according to a statement by the Department of Justice.

Here’s the rub: An FBI fingerprint analysis conducted after Yousif applied to become a U.S. citizen in 2013 revealed that his prints matched “those found on a document at the underground bunker where forces rescued R.H. and others in Iraq in 2005.”

This meant that he may very well have been involved in holding the hostages captive with his brother Majid.

Strike one.

The two brothers, Yousif and Hasan, also reportedly lied to get into the United States in 2008, along with Hasan’s wife, Enas Ibrahim.

As noted by The Washington Post, to increase their changes of obtaining refugee status, years ago they concocted a completely phony story about how Hasan had allegedly been kidnapped in Iraq because of Yousif’s so-called “anti-corruption” efforts.

When FBI agents confronted Hasan about discrepancies in their story last year, he finally fessed up and admitted that he had lied, The Post reported.

Strike two.

According to an affidavit, during their time as refugees the brothers falsely misrepresented their income — while reportedly collecting welfare from food stamps and the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program — to obtain an auto loan.

“On Jan. 8, 2015, Hasan and Ibrahim made a $10,000 down payment on an auto loan they obtained on the basis of their representations that they jointly earned at least $84,000 annually, including $36,000 that Ibrahim claimed to earn as a daycare worker in a job that she held for three years,” the DOJ reported.

Strike three. You’re out.

Yousif, Hasan and Ibrahim have each been charged with “attempting to obtain naturalization contrary to law” and face up to 60 years in prison, according to the DOJ.

And according to The Post, “family members cried as the charges were read” Tuesday in court.

Cry all you want, but you folks aren’t getting a break. Perhaps you might have received one in former President Barack Obama’s America, but a new sheriff is in town, and he and his officials have zero tolerance for liars, deceivers and potential terrorists.

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