Rapper Ice Cube Wants Obama to Have ‘Third Term’—Americans Point Out Why That’s Just Plain “Dumb”


Rapper and actor Ice Cube weighed in on the 2016 election this week on “Too $hort’s BoomBox” podcast with Bobby Loco, and offered a “solution” to America’s problems with Trump and Clinton.

First, Cube had some tough news for the two candidates: he hates both of them.

Luckily for Clinton, he thinks she’s a better choice over Trump.

Then, he offered a practical solution for all the hard-working, average Americans out there who have concerns about the coming election:

“Make sure you get you ass up and go to work in the morning no matter who’s the president.”

The real kicker came when the 47-year-old suggested that President Barack Obama should serve a third term in the White House:

“Both candidates suck. I want another Obama, can we get Obama?”

But Americans were quick to call him out on his “pathetic” idea:

The rapper-turned-actor has not shied away from the political fray this year. The legendary member of NWA even grilled Clinton a few months back for her controversial “superpredators” comments from back in the 90s:

“To call your own citizens ‘superpredators’ is pretty harsh and a it’s pretty big indictment.

It’s just like the term ‘thug’ or ‘hoodlum,’ it’s just a easy brush to point somebody with.

“And it’s not really not solving the problem–it’s just making it worse. Because now you have authorities that feel like they’re justified in how they treat these so-called ‘superpredators.’

“And what is that? Who is that? I mean, specifically–who are you talking about?”

Ice Cube even called out other Democrats who try to blame all these policies on Republicans:

“No, no. Everybody’s a little guilty of turning they back or passing bad legislation and everybody should be called out on it.”

You can check that out here:

Of course, the 22nd Amendment makes it impossible for Obama to run for re-election again.

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