Rapper Hears White Cop’s Been in Black Neighborhood, Sets Up Shocking Surprise

Rapper Hears White Cops Been in Black Neighborhood Sets Up Shocking Surprise

Longtime gangster rapper Jayceon Terrell Taylor, better known as “The Game,” has shown some amazing maturity and wisdom by launching a GoFundMe page on behalf of Tommy Norman, a white police officer from Arkansas known for going out of his way to serve the black community he works in.

According to Breitbart, The Game launched the page with his eldest son, Harlem, who proposed the idea after the two had a conversation about “good cops and bad cops.”

“He did his research & found officer @tnorman23‘s page & I was touched by how active he is in the black community where he polices,” the rapper wrote on Instagram, adding that the goal of the GoFundMe page was to provide Norman with money to purchase “goodies” for him to pass out to needy citizens.

You can read The Game’s full statement here:

Good morning world…… So as I told you yesterday, I had conversations with my oldest son @hvrlemtaylor about good cops & bad ones & he did his research & found officer @tnorman23’s page & i was touched by how active he is in the black community where he polices. My son said, how does he help all of these kids & stuff, is he rich ??? I said I don’t know if he’s rich but sometimes it doesn’t take much to help those in need son…… Being that my son is on vacation with his mother visiting relatives in Atlanta, Arkansas & Louisiana he wanted to do something for officer @tnorman23 in Little Rock so he delevoped a #GoFundMe to try & raise $10,000 so that officer @tnorman23 can stuff his trunk with toys, goodies, food & other things to help him continue contributing to the kids & people in Little Rock Arkansas….. (& BEFORE SOMEONE NEGATIVE PUTS IT IN THE COMMENTS BELOW, YES I COULD’VE GIVEN THE 10K MYSELF BUT THAT WOULDVE STOLEN THE JOY OUT OF MY SONS IDEA & HIS COMMITMENT & DEDICATION FOR SOMETHING & SOMEONE HE FELT TOUCHED BY). But as I type, I AM GOING TO DONATE THE 1st $1,000 !!!!!!!! Not only am I proud of my son for taking initiative, I’m thankful that I’ve raised him with such a pure heart regardless of the negativities he’s seen me over come…… So please CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO & donate anything as small as $1 to the officers mission & together we will help a good soul continue being a super role model for other law enforcement & a life saver for the children of tomorrow…… As soon as the $10,000 goal is reached… The funds will then immediately be transferred from my @therobinhoodproject account by my charity’s manager @ilndprncss to officer @tnorman23. “It takes a village to raise a child” & this good cop is going the extra mile for a lot of young African American children… #BlackLivesMatter to more than just #BlackLives #AGoodSonForAGoodCop #StayCommitted [Tag as many people to this post as you can & FOLLOW officer @tnorman23 NOW….. I’m really amazed by what he is doing !!!] again… PLEASE CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO & contribute ANYTHING you’d like… Let’s see @hollywoodunlocked & @theshaderoom post this 🤔

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You can donate to the cause at GoFundMe and join the nearly 3,000 people who had given a total of over $65,000 in just two days.

Both The Game and his son most assuredly deserve praise for this outstanding move, though to be fair, it would be very nice if the gangster rapper were to think twice about the sort of violence-promoting lyrics he frequently performs for his fans, some of whom happen to be little kids.

That said, this particular move by the rapper still deserves praise, especially given the reaction it spurred from Officer Norman.

“What do I say?” the shocked Arkansas officer wrote on Instagram. “What do I do? As I type this I look into the sky & thank the man above for my heart to serve!”

He went on to thank both The Game and his son for their faith in his “mission & dream to change the world!”

The officer’s post can be viewed below:

If more people were to put aside their beefs and team up for the common good as The Game, his son and Officer Norman have done, this world would truly be a much better place. Some Black Lives Matter movement activists could learn something from them, if you ask me.

Kudus to The Game and his son for being an inspiration to us all.

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