Rape Accuser Quietly Drops Lawsuit Against Trump


An anonymous woman who accused Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump of rape has mysteriously dropped her lawsuit just before Election Day.

The woman, identified only as “Jane Doe,” accused Trump of raping her on several occasions, according to Politico.

Court documents revealed that Doe said these events happened in 1994 when she was a 13-year-old aspiring model. According to the alleged victim, that was the year she attended a series of parties at the home of investor Jeffrey Epstein. She said that’s where she was raped by Trump and Epstein on several different occasions.

However, her stories didn’t seem to add up from the beginning. For example, she never gave her true name or showed up to testify in court. Doe’s lawyer, Lisa Bloom, stated that the victim was too scared to show up, and that she had received threats about the lawsuit.

Moreover, Doe was expected to attend a Los Angeles news conference on Nov.2, but ultimately refused to show up to that event as well.

Just a few days later, the news came that Doe’s attorney had dropped the federal lawsuit against Trump. Thomas Meagher, the lead attorney in the case, never commented on the case or gave an explanation for those actions.

Perhaps the most telling fact was that Lisa Bloom happens to be the daughter of Gloria Allred. Allred previously claimed that she would use any means necessary to ensure a Democrat was elected president in 2016.

Although many women have come forward and accused Trump of inappropriate actions, many of them have been debunked by Donald Trump.

This particular lawsuit by Jane Doe, however, wasn’t even widely reported by national media — a clear indication that there was likely very little merit to it in the first place.

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Source: conservativetribune.com