Rand Paul Warns Poll Manipulation Will Suppress Voter Turnout


The media has been castigating Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s people for their recent comments about how Democrat rival Hillary Clinton and her liberal media have been rigging the polls.

In spite of the fact that we’ve come up with a number of instances in which the press has been oversampling liberals in their polls, many refuse to believe that these surveys are skewed.

Finally, another politician has come forward to talk about poll rigging. It’s a Republican, but not one of Donald Trump’s closest allies: Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul.

In an appearance on West Virginia’s “The Tom Roten Morning Show” (via Townhall), the former presidential candidate said that he’s known that the polls are rigged for years.

“You know, I think sometimes polling is done to dampen election turnout so when Trump says the thing’s rigged, I’m not sure exactly what he means and I’m not sure I always agree with him, but I do think that when we say over and over someone can’t win that is a form of rigging in the sense that it is designed to suppress turnout,” Paul said during the Wednesday appearance.

“In Kentucky, in our governor’s race in 2015, the media said over and over and over again the Democrats were up 8 points,” Paul said.

“The hope I think was to depress Republican turnout and these were coming from liberal newspapers in our state. And turns out the Republicans won by 8. They were off like by 16 — 14, 16 points. And, but, I think some of that is intentional. The polls are put out, you know to make it either look closer than it is or to make it look like Democrats have a better chance.

“And I think it’s done by design to try to dampen turnout,” he added.

All of this is a reminder — don’t pay too much attention to the polls. It isn’t hopeless and it’s not over.

Especially given the WikiLeaks revelations about poll rigging, it’s about time that conservatives stopped despairing and started demanding that the liberal media change.

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Source: conservativetribune.com

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