Raddatz Interrupts and Bullies…”Worst Moderator of All Time”…”Disgraceful”


Largely because of recent trends and past experience, many American voters expected the moderators of Sunday night’s presidential debate to be at least somewhat biased in favor of the Democrat nominee and against the Republican.

In this respect, CNN’s Anderson Cooper and ABC’s Martha Raddatz provided no surprises, as they repeatedly interrupted Republican Donald Trump and pressed him for more information when his answers to their questions were apparently not to their satisfaction.

According to USA Today, Trump made it quite clear that he didn’t appreciate the biased behavior of the moderators, even noting at one point that the debate seemed to be “one-on-three,” with Cooper and Raddatz being obviously allied with Clinton.

While both moderators seemed aligned against Trump, Raddatz interrupted and pressed Trump more often than Cooper did, prompting Trump to ask at one point, “Why don’t you interrupt her?” referring to Clinton.

The former secretary of state was largely permitted to answer the moderators’ questions without interruption or followups.

On the issue of potential U.S. military action against the Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria, and by extension its allies Russia and Iran, Raddatz argued with Trump over his responses, prompting some observers to suggest that she was “overstepping” her position and had become another debate opponent instead of a moderator.

Even viewers skeptical of Trump’s views found Raddatz a bit much.

Conservative author and commentator Michelle Malkin noted that Raddatz kept trying to cut Trump off whenever he focused on Clinton’s record in the Senate or at the State Department, and criticized Cooper for not stopping her from “heckling” Trump in the same way he stopped the audience.

To be sure, nobody should be surprised by the way Raddatz conducted herself during the debate, as she did virtually the same thing to GOP nominee Paul Ryan during the 2012 vice presidential debate. Ryan seemed to be debating the moderator as well as Vice President Joe Biden.

Raddatz has also shown repeatedly and on numerous occasions that she is firmly on the side of Clinton and the Democrats, and should never have been chosen to be a debate moderator, as her liberal bias was clear to all who would simply look.

The third and final presidential debate will be hosted by Fox News Channel’s Chris Wallace, and while he is certainly no fan of Trump, it is a safe assumption that he will be largely unbiased, as he can be expected to ask tough and probing questions of both Trump and Clinton.

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