“Racist” Conservatives Raise $500,000 for Black College Band Performing at Inauguration

Racist Conservatives Raise 500000 for Black College Band Performing at Inauguration

To attend President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration, Alabama’s oldest private, historically black college’s marching band needed money — lots of it. No surprise there.

What was stunning — or at least to small-minded liberals — was who ultimately stood up to assist Talladega College’s “Marching Tornadoes” band meet its lofty goal. It was not President Barack Obama, it was not Rev. Al Sharpton and it was not Hollywood.

Rather, it was the allegedly racist, bigoted, intolerant and “deplorable” men and women who make up Middle America — loathed by the liberal media, the White House and Hollywood — who raised over $500,000 for the black marching band.

In particular, it was primarily fans of Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, who last Friday interviewed the college’s president, Billy Hawkins, on his show.

“Mr. Hawkins let it be known to prime-time host Bill O’Reilly that the college’s famed Marching Tornadoes band had garnered ‘mean-spirited’ criticism and ‘nasty emails’ following their efforts to raise $75,000 to appear in President-elect Donald Trump’s inaugural parade,” The Washington Times reported.

What followed was miraculous: Contributions to the band’s GoFundMe page by Thursday morning had climbed to almost $650,000, far exceeding the band’s expectations — and no doubt largely due to O’Reilly’s audience.

Not bad for a bunch of racists, eh?

You can see the band departing for its historical trip here:

Speaking Monday evening about this stunning feat, O’Reilly himself noted that this remarkable gesture of kindness by his viewers was a clear-cut “repudiation of race-baiters.”

Correction: Race-baiters and racists.

Consider, for instance, Tariq Nasheed, a genuinely deplorable writer and political commentator who insinuated on Twitter last week that the band members were “coons”:

What a disgusting and miserable human being — one whose unrepentant hatred and racism the liberal mainstream media will of course ignore.

Likewise, expect to hear little from MSNBC, Slate, Salon and other partisan rags about these donations, because God forbid their naive and brainwashed base ever discover that conservatives are not racist.

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