Further Proof Liberals Don’t Understand SUPPLY and DEMAND



And here we go again with the false comparison between a CEO and an unskilled worker.

These Liberals have nothing to be proud of unless they are proud of being ignorant about economics.

The first issue with this is obvious if you understand supply and demand.

There is a high demand for good CEOs and there is a very small supply of them. This is one of the reasons they can demand a very high salary.

There is also a high demand for people to make venti mocha lattes as well as flip burgers BUT there is an overabundance of supply because these are low-skilled jobs that most people can be easily trained to do. This is NOT saying these people don’t work hard; they do, but there are a lot of people who can do the very same job.

The second issue with this ridiculous meme is that CEOs don’t work harder.

CEOs are responsible for thousands of stores, thousands of employees and billions of dollars. One mistake by a CEO can cost a company millions of dollars. These people work 24/7, even when on vacation. They have to be available every minute of the day because they never know when a crisis could happen.

Again, no one is saying the workers in the stores aren’t working hard but when they leave for the day, their job is done. If they make a mistake on a burger or a coffee, that’s not a big deal. Their responsibilities are limited.

Of course, the great news is that these workers CAN eventually become CEOs if they so choose through experience, education, and hard work.

Apparently these liberals, who are so proud of their continual ignorance, have never actually worked with or for a CEO and have no clue about the immense responsibilities these people have.

They also clearly don’t understand Economics 101.

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Source: thefederalistpapers.org