Pregnant Wife Breaks News to Husband. But His ADORABLE Reaction to Becoming Dad Goes VIRAL

Pregnant Wife Breaks News to Husband But His ADORABLE Reaction to Becoming Dad Goes VIRAL

Pregnancy announcements are an exciting thing for a new mom. The expectant mother radiates a special glow when getting ready to share the big news.

Now more than ever, these giddy mothers are starting to become even more creative in how to drop the life-changing news to their spouse. One wife’s pregnancy reveal to her husband left him stunned and is going viral.

North Carolina resident Lori Yerry had it all planned out. She knew exactly how she was going to tell her husband Mike she was pregnant. She even set up a hidden camera to record the big reveal.

Lori’s husband seemed to be perfectly relaxed when she came to him, smiling from ear to ear. Handing him a box that resembled a Christmas present, this new mom could not wait to see his reaction.

“I just think you’re really going to like it,” the grinning wife told her husband. As he calmly opened the box, Mike had no idea what he would see next.

Unwrapping the tissue paper, Lori’s husband pulled out baby bibs. “What are you trying to say here?” he said laughing like a school kid. “You’re pregnant?”

Meanwhile, Lori couldn’t keep from laughing with utter joy. But when she confirmed she was pregnant, her husband still couldn’t believe it.

Once the reality sank in, nothing could stop the excitement this new dad felt. He was so excited that you can barely understand the words he says to his wife.

Lori and her husband Mike shared a hug and kiss to celebrate the news. As the video ended, he proudly announced into the camera, “She’s pregnant!”

The couple made sure to let their friends and family on social media also share in the exciting news. Lori posted this cute announcement to her Instagram account.

We’re so excited to share that baby Yerry will be here August 2016! 👶🏼💕

A photo posted by Lori Yerry 🎀 (@loriyerry) on

This wife’s face radiated, as every mother’s does, making the big announcement. Then her husband shared this same glow as they awaited their bundle of joy’s arrival.

We can’t help but feel overjoyed watching this cute reveal. What an adorable way to announce such wonderful news!

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