Pregnant Mom SPEEDS to ER, Fearing Miscarriage. But WORST Nightmare Is Miracle in Disguise

Pregnant Mom SPEEDS to ER Fearing Miscarriage But WORST Nightmare Is Miracle in Disguise

Every child is a blessing. Sometimes, those children come in bigger packages than expected.

A pregnant woman from Gainesville, Ga., recently had a major scare when she was rushed to the emergency room with lower back pain. She instantly assumed the worst.

Julie Davidson feared that her pain could be a symptom of a miscarriage, but what the doctors actually told her left her in total shock. Julie and her husband, Justin, were expecting quadruplets!

While Justin sighed in relief, Julie could not help but be anxious about how things would work out. They would have three more kids than originally anticipated.

Surprisingly, the quadruplets were conceived naturally, which is very uncommon. Also a big surprise, multiples do not run in either family.

The couple wed in November of 2015, and was pregnant by July of the following year. Justin enjoyed joking that they would have twins, but Julie always shut him down saying, “I’m its mom, I know there’s only one baby in there.”

Julie certainly ate her words when she heard four heartbeats coming from the ultrasound.

She was six or seven weeks along when Julie got the news that she was have quadruplets. Some time after that, she and Justin found out that they would be having all girls.

Julie was admitted to the hospital in December of 2016, and had been on bed rest there until she gave birth to her four daughters on January 21, 2017. She had been pregnant for 30 weeks.

The girls and their mom are all doing well. Julie was able to return home, but had to leave her daughters at the hospital to continue receiving medical care.

Welcome to the world, Callie, Teagan, Mckenna, and Sawyer, and good luck to Julie and Justin! Thank goodness for family and friends who will be willing and excited to lend a hand to take care of the sweet little babies!

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